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Underpinning my work generally are my reactions to and feelings about decay and loss through time. For me there is a patina, a nostalgia in the natural decaying and ageing process of our lives and environment which is fascinating and aesthetically pleasing, and I find the process offers me prompts for visual investigation, whether through drawing, painting or photography. An aspect of ageing and decaying that particularly interests me is how old structures become colonised by plants, lichens, tiny creatures. 

Cup Cake

Currently I am working on ideas to do with reusing waste materials. The  discarded/unloved waste materials for the most part are unlikely to go through that decaying process in a foreseeable future, so part of my thinking has been finding a way that I could respond to and absorb these materials into my work.

Art Education 

Newport College of Art and Design: BA Hons Fine Art and Printmaking

most recent shows:

Memento Mori: Air Gallery November 2021

Breaking Ground:Orleans Gallery-The Stables November 2021

Second Floor Studios Open Painting 2022

Richmond Arts Society Winter show

Institute of Education London University: Art Teachers Certificate

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