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Bed Posts 2

The subject matter of beds seems to have broad attraction! A photographer friend, Cathy Cooper,, likes neatly made beds, so different from the images  of the unmade beds in my previous bed post- those of  Tracey Emin, Tammy Rae Carland, Gonzales Torres, and me!

Here  are a couple of Cathy’s photographs of beds, made up with beautiful Welsh blankets.

(We both studied in Wales.)

Bedroom with Welsh Blanket 261016 CMC (1)_1

Bedroom with Welsh Blanket 280106 CMC (1)_1

Back to the unmade beds! Here are two drawings by another friend, Laura Giuffrida, who is Welsh.

IMG_0779 2

I think I can see a Welsh theme developing, at some point I should follow up this .SaveSave

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