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  • Diane Gerrard

Second weekend

We had much better weather for the  second weekend of our open studios, two dry and fairly sunny days.  Many more visitors passed through the site to look at the work of the 8 artists who have studios in the potting sheds.

We were able to be outside all day and get a  barbecue going. Here are some of our furry visitors attracted by the  sausages.

Some work by the other artists

I made a few quick sketches of people who sat or stood about for a while.

Sunday was my last day  working in these studios and  while I meant to set up at my new location  immediately on the  monday, that  will  be on hold for a while, as I have broken  my ankle.  I slipped on a piece of gravel walking down  a slope into one of the studios. I  am a bit immobile now,  with my leg  in  plaster   and   using crutches  Next week I  hope the plaster will be swapped for  a  boot, so I can  walk on two feet again.

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